About us

Our lovely independent gallery is situated next to Bootham Bar, just a stone's throw from the iconic and stunning York Minster.

We created our gallery in 1997 driven by a passion and love for all things hand made in the U.K and born out of frustration at not being able to find the beautiful pieces we longed for. It was the perfect decision as, having a knowledge of jewellery making and our extensive business skills spanning more than 30 years, we were able to create a unique environment of exclusive hand made pieces, some of which we design ourselves to our specifications. We have a wide knowledge of all our hand made creations and love to help our customers choose that perfect memorable piece of jewellery which they will treasure forever.  We stock the work of many of Britain's leading designers, who we have come to know on a personal level too.

We specialise in contemporary hand made jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings. Our website focuses on our lovely hand made jewellery but, to enjoy our crafts and art in addition and appreciate the full shopping experience, a visit to our gallery will fulfil your every expectation. 

We named our gallery Porta Dextra Gallery as it stands on the original Roman remains of the main entrance to the Roman city of York which was called the Porta Principalis and as we are situated alongside the right hand arch, which was called the Porta Principalis Dextra, we decided that we should be called Porta Dextra Gallery which seemed perfectly apt and unique.